Eveoh joins Semestry at Tribal Group

It's an exciting time at Semestry and Tribal Group as they welcome the MyTimetable team from Eveoh to join them in fulfilling their promise: to help your institution provide the right schedules for everyone.

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Eveoh develops software for educational institutions, where we focus on improving delivery of relevant information to students and members of staff. We do this by integrating information systems, and by creating new and innovative IT solutions.

You might know us from MyTimetable, our flagship product that offers personalised student and staff timetables via web and mobile phone. Why not try MyTimetable now? Head over to our demo site, or visit one of our customer's live instances. No sign-up required.

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MyTimetable is the leading platform for timetable publication. It allows you to publish personalised student and staff timetables via web and mobile phone. Or integrate your timetables with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Education and your digital learning environment.

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MyEnrolments enables your students to enrol for courses, while several types of admission requirements are automatically checked. A wide range of reports is available for support staff.

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Lecture Recordings Planner

Lecture Recordings Planner enables your lecture recording team to plan recordings based on actual timetabling data, while also keeping track of changes in the timetables. Video operators can enrol themselves to recordings to simplify the planning process. Lecture Recordings Planner is also able to export planned recordings to Sonic Foundry Mediasite.

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Software development

We develop custom software solutions for educational institutions and specialize in web and mobile applications. By offering simple, straightforward and user-friendly interfaces, we aim to provide an optimal user experience to the students and members of staff of your institution.

Managed hosting

We provide reliable and high performance hosting solutions for our own products. Utilising a 'software as a service' and 'cloud-based' model, we assume full responsibility for the availability and management of the application. Of course, 24x7 monitoring and a solid service level agreement are included by default.

Our customers

We are proud of our customers and see them as partners in our mission to improve delivery of relevant information to students and members of staff. Some of our customers are listed below — we are happy to provide references if you would like to hear about their experiences with our products.

Our team

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Are you interested in using MyTimetable at your institution? Or would you like to make an appointment for a (online) demonstration to your key users? Please do contact us for more information!

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